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Black Money Converted Into Gold, New Notes On Commission

Stacks of Black money lying in go-downs unused and untouched are slowly making their way into markets after Modi’s punch began to generate tremors. That is how our economic system operates. Black cash is presently flowing without any hurdles into black markets of recent foreign money and gold.

Though unauthentic, few reports advise that new foreign money notes are available in Rs.2, 000 denominations at various private parties in Andhra Pradesh working at 30% commission foundation. For instance, deliver 1 Cr old currency and take domestic 70 Lakhs new currency. One does not understand, whether those 2,000 notes are unique or faux but huge dealings inside the scale of 100’s of crores are said to be happening.

People who don’t believe in this new currency are resorting to gold conversion. Many bullion market traders are selling the gold in black market at the price of Rs.45, 000 to 50, 000 in line with 10 grams. Get Rs. 50, 000 vintage forex and take home 10 grams gold (without any bill). It’s a sport and these costs are anticipated to sky rocket in coming days as it department is tightening the market with lightening raids, happened on Bahubali manufacturers yesterday.


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