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Chiranjeevi’s – The Mass Mantra!

Versatility has never been a cup of tea for Chiranjeevi. He grew large in enterprise as Mega star handiest with his mannerisms, dances, fights and many others hence evolving as hero of hundreds. whenever whilst Chiru tried something exclusive from ordinary to win the rare applause from other section of class target audience, result become thoroughly discouraging.

After accomplishing the top in stardom, Chiranjeevi in no way took the risk of discouraging the fanatics. Even the upcoming one hundred and fiftieth film accompanied the suite. no matter a truth that he became presented many unfamiliar storylines, Mega camp picked ‘Kathi’ remake because of business adaptability inherently present within the script consisting of over raising heroism with a social purpose.

The thorough aim at the back of ‘Khaidi No 150’ is to convey Boss lower back into the top league movement. nevertheless, one must not be surprised watching the film from tenth midnight (superior indicates) on big display for its methodical remedy playing safe to the galleries and a known vital factor because records are going to topple for sure. Mega superstar is about for re-approval of his effective Mass Mantra. may it’s ‘Raththalu’ or ‘Ammadu lets Do Kummudu…’ just enjoy the antique Chiranjeevi again to his best of enjoyment. Don’t underwrite ‘Khaidi No a hundred and fifty’ stamina primarily based on a failed ‘Bruce Lee.’


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