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Jana Sena Core Members Shock to Pawan | Jana Sena | Pawan Kalyan

The middle individuals and the founding individuals of Jana Sena has given shock to Pawan Kalyan as they left him all on my own within the party. People who were all at the back of Pawan at some stage in the launch of the celebration and its first meeting held at HICC have been no longer with Pawan. Specifically Pawan’s close aide Raja Raviteja who changed into the mind at the back of Janasena logo and co-authored birthday party’s ideologue e book “ISM” had lengthy back parted ways with Pawan citing ideological variations.

Meanwhile, experienced political leaders from diverse political parties together with Congress, YSR Congress are not very eager to enroll in Jana Sena. Apparently, the experienced leaders are of the opinion that Pawan might overshadow them within, out of doors the party and might not provide them the enough freedom.

Already, Pawan’s Jana Sena goes the way of Jayaprakash Narayana’s Lok Satta with only one-recognised chief inside the celebration. It is able to be cited that JP’s Lok Satta had failed as the celebration changed into a massive failure in constructing 2nd-rank leadership and local management in districts, mandals, villages. Lack of leadership at the grassroots in the end forced the birthday celebration to stay away from elections.

However, Pawan has an advantage over JP as he has mass following and he is quite famous with loads. However one has to be patient whether or not Pawan ought to able to show them into votes and attract human beings, leaders to sign up for in Jana Sena or now not.


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