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Pawan Kalyan recently announced that he and his Party Jana sena will contest in 2019 election. This is been tension amoung various Political parties about this annoucnement made by Pawan Kalyan, But some criticised his move branding him as politically immature, But other people are welcome his entry to have alliance with him and their parties. Pawan Kalyan himself revealed that he is going to stop his film career after 3 movies to strengthening his party in 2019 elections. This made his supporters happy though disappointed millions of his fans.

But now remained slient because of TDP-BJP combined we know that in 2014 elections Pawan kalyan supported TDP and BJP. So he is planning for Political Yatra and all. Now Jana sena is planning to come out of TDP and BJP and they wanna make there planning for the 2019 elections on which the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are suffering they are working on that so now party in pressure to do all those this If they are not working on that they wont get anything in 2019 elections.


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