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Kabali movie review: This Rajinikanth film is a drag


Rajinikanth is in his element as Kabali in every scene that he sees. The swagger, the audacious smile, the film of the hair and elegant body language is to enjoy there the hearts of all fans attached. However, there is a difference. Unlike his regular roles Kabali Rajini has aged, weathered, maintain (relatively) and vulnerable. However, the superstar has not lost its prey or style over the years, the obvious when he got out of the first scene in front of his jail cell, then made a sweater couple -UPS. ‘Kabali is full of heroism and pure terminals Rajini to remove the entire film on his shoulders with ease manages. Radhika Apte also did a great job and takes the cake in the scene where she finally met her husband after 25 years. Read the full review of the film here.


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