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Many AP TDP leaders to join YSRCP

If every person has any illusions approximately the Telugu Desam party, then all of this could be taken away! As soon because the budget reaches the budget, the Telugu Desam seems at the budget allocation. it is clear how the future will be. if you agree with the Telugu network, you fear that you may die. The perspectives of the birthday party also are expressed inside the opinion that the Telugu Desam, who has been pushing to make a craze for their insecurity, faces extra disastrous situations. Analysts sense that the migration of YSR Congress, the best change from Telugu Desam, isn’t unexpected.

The weakening of the YSR Congress of Chandrababu Naidu turned into the handiest aim of the celebration MLAs to show the fears – the fears of the cases and joined the birthday celebration. Taking the constitutional values ​​in the tune and trying to recover from the opponent. but, the leaders of the birthday celebration apprehend that the birthday celebration’s reputation of the birthday party has been fraught with the state-of-the-art tendencies.

nothing can be stated of people who do no longer have any specific work except to speak in 4 years. What about the new government? The opinion is that the government has created a central authority that does not even have the braveness to impeach the middle at least. New immigrants have provide you with such gangs in maximum of the constituencies. as a result of the reluctance closer to humans in the community, there may be a feeling that it’s far not possible for us to live to tell the tale inside the constituencies once more. when you have to live in TDP, you have to come to the alternative events if there are hopes for the elections to be silent. Many are assuming that the migration of the humans from TDP isn’t unexpected. some people have additionally rethinked the exchange of Prabhakar Reddy’s celebration in Nellore earlier than the budget growth.


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