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Nani’s Earnings on Par With Star Heroes’

natural star Nani, who prices approximately one 1/3 of what star heroes fee consistent with a movie, however earns on par with them if we take the once a year income into account.

For the past years, Nani is ensuring to have as a minimum three releases in a calendar yr. And, useless to say that he is scoring hit after hit. In 2016, he had Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gatha, Gentleman and Majnu. This year, he scored hits with Nenu local, Ninnu Kori and his third movie, ‘MCA’ is slated to hit displays in December. subsequent 12 months, he has covered up Meralapaka Gandhi’s “Krishnarjuna Yuddham”, that’s in all likelihood to hit displays in March, and a movie every with Kishore Tirumala and Vikram Kumar, both in all likelihood to release in 2018 itself.

So ‘three films consistent with yr’ formulation is running quite nicely for Nani, each success-wise and financially. He reportedly fees Rs 5-6 Cr consistent with a movie, and if we multiply the remuneration by using 3, his annual income stand 15-18 Cr. In evaluation, our famous person heroes do simplest one film a yr and wallet extra or less the equal quantity that Nani earns from three movies.

No mid-range hero except Nani comes close to celebrity heroes in annual income. The actor’s success components is provide freshness, make sure amusement be it within the form of comedy or romance or thrills, don’t keep on with one style, and like script over top names.


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