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Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu responded on the remarks of Pawan Kalyan without mentioning the name of the Jana Sena Chief.

Speaking with media at BJP Office in Hyderabad, Venkaiah told: ‘BJP treats the whole country as one. Where is question of South or North here? It’s better not to create hatred among people or regions. Centre offered Special Package which is much better than Special Status to AP. None of the Investors have been seeking Special Status to invest in the state. Popularity of Narendra Modi is increasing day-by-day in the country’.

The other day, Pawan Kalyan lambasted Venkaiah Naidu for saying ‘Prathyeka Hodha Prasadistam’. He advised the Union Minister to focus on Special Status rather than Swarnabharati Trust run by his Daughter. He also warned Centre not to treat Andhrites like slaves and go back on promises as per it convenience.


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