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Pawan Kalyan seems to have taken on some of these Telugu Desam MLAs who kept on talking about how Physics is a subject in Bachelor of Commerce and others who tried to show off their subjective skills in history and other subjects.

Pawan Kalyan in a meeting today, said “Einstein invented the bulb and people should be thankful for such an event to Science.” Well, may be mankind needs to be thankful for inventing the electricity and bulb to many scientists but changing their names in a public meeting won’t look good globally.
Thomas Alva Edison invented filament in the year 1879 and over next decade he and his team, developed the shape of the bulb in its stable state and the bulb we see today, has been developed by various scientists working for R and D departments in many bulb companies.
Well, like those TDP MLAs even Pawan Kalyan is being trolled hard by social media for his popularly unpopular comments. We hope someone will correct his notes next time before asking him to speak.

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