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seemingly, Janasena president Pawan Kalyan is firing many crackers accessible in the public domain as he is continuing with the Chalo Re Chalo Re Chal tour. and then, his outburst at those detractors and the so-called backstabbers of Praja Rajyam party is certain a stunner.

what is the most effective question this is confusing many people is, while Pawan is busy accusing them all in the name of fact, is he looking at his own doing or not? yes, that is a legitimate question even the Janasena President must think about a solution.

If we look at his comments, he stated that Parakala Prabhakar spoke badly about Prajarajyam party after coming out of it rather advising Chiranjeevi when staying inside. on the same time, he confirmed that Allu Arvind looked at him only as an actor however not as a person with a social moral sense.

At this juncture, one could evidently ask, if Parakala ditched Chiranjeevi and Arvind guided him badly, then what is a true blood-relation brother Pawan doing? Why didn’t Pawan recommend Chiranjeevi not to close-down the birthday party and no longer to merge it with Congress? As a brother, he has all access to Chiranjeevi and definitely he could have saved PRP from being a debacle.

needless to say, PRP isn’t a debacle as it won 18 seats in 2009, but it became a debacle only after the party got merged and Chiranjeevi forgot “Samajika Nyayam”. So, what cause Pawan has to mention if someone asks why he did not advocate Chiru within the proper route?

otherwise, if Pawan has to blame PRP’s backstabbers now, he can also be falling on the identical list.


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