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Political Dialogues Added in Jai Simha!

“Jai Simha” is a family masala drama based on antique Rajinikanth’s hit “Muthu”. The story of the film doesn’t have scope for Balakrishna to mouth political dialogues.

however Balayya is said to have forced the writer and director to include some political punch dialogues in the climax fight sequence.

As “Paisa Vasool” bombed like whatever, Balakrishna wants this to be a industrial hit. His enthusiasts expect him to utter politically loaded dialogues. hence he made writer Rathnam rewrite the final scenes which had been these days completed. The movie’s censor might be achieved on 4th January.

A teaser with some of those dialogues will be released shortly to hype up the film since it is not getting any buzz.

“Jai Simha” features Balakrishna in a massy role. Nayanathara and Hari Priya are his heroines.

The movie is slated for 12 Jan launch.


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