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11Ram charan is took time to interact with his fans on Thursday night the Facebook social networking site. It was then he is to seize the opportunity to meet fans of the ‘Mega Fans Project’, and so on, planting encourage tree fan to participate in community service activities such as such Bharat Swachh, to deal with the drinking water problem , megastar that was shared about.

All you need to fan to do is to share the photos of good job on the Facebook page of Ram charan. These people will be allowed to meet the Chiru to his 150th film game. They also will be part of a noble cause are welcome.

Until a few years ago, Chiranjeevi is, was used in order to satisfy the fans that gave the maximum number of times of blood. He is looking forward to the pose of the photo, he blessed the audio during the event. Somehow, these gestures, was intended to be the other fan motivated to do a part of them for good reason. Now, Sakura will follow the same strategy. Like the father like son!


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