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Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo Review

Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo Review

Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo Review

Release date : November 11, 2016

Director : Gautham Menon

Producers : Miryala Ravinder Reddy

Music Director : A. R. Rahman

Starring : Naga Chaitanya, Manjima Mohan

Naga Chaitanya is inside the best phase of his career. After the top notch success of his remaining movie Premam, he’s returned with yet every other interesting mission Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo. Directed through Gautam Menon, this film has hit the screens today. Allow’s see how it’s far.

Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo Story: Chinna(Chaitanya) is a college going youth who falls in love with Leela(Manjima Mohan), his sister’s exceptional friend. As time passes by, he gets close to Leela and takes her for an extended avenue journey.

The twist in the story arises whilst the lovely road trip adjustments upside down because of a terrible coincidence. Thereafter, things grow to be even greater tough for the couple as a dreaded gang starts offevolved attacking them.

Who’re those people ? What do they should do with one of these younger couple ? And the way will Naga Chaitanya store his lady pal from this chaos. That bureaucracy the relaxation of the story.

PLUS POINTS: Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo absolutely belongs to Chay. The younger hero has lost all his inhibitions and has end up exquisite assured in his technique in the direction of his performances. Chaitu nails it as the lover boy at some point of the primary half and comes a surprise with his serious tone and thrilling overall performance in the course of the second half of.

Manjima Mohan makes a decent debut and suits her function well. Surely, A R Rahman is yet every other spotlight of this movie. Both his track and background score raise the film to some other degree.

Baba Sehgal is lethal in his performance and offers the film an area. At the same time as the primary 1/2 of the film is quite breezy the second half of turns quite critical and interesting till the pre-climax.

Minus points:The climax of the film is pretty disappointing. Even though the way Gautam Menon wraps up things is ok, they look pretty incredible and over the pinnacle from the outdoor. The way Chay’s individual springs a surprise at some stage in the quit is outright stupid.

The movie had scope for extra romance however Gautam narrated the movie in his personal candy time and with many songs coming in as speed breakers. The location of these songs is also incorrect.

All people who are looking for extraordinary romance and enjoyment at some stage in the second half gets disillusioned a piece.

Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo Artists and Technicians : As said earlier, track by way of A R Rahman is superb and holds the film together. Manufacturing values are desirable and credit should go to the cameraman for showcasing the easy proceedings in an thrilling manner. Enhancing is sleek and so had been the dialogues.

Coming to the director Gautam Menon, he has completed a decent process with the movie. He has tried many new things in phrases of narration. Some paintings well but there are definitely different factors like the lower back to again songs that could pass towards the film. Had he dealt with the climax in a better manner, the outcome would had been even higher.


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