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Saptagiri Weds Sunny Leone

Each time a film succeeds or a lead character becomes popular, we see films approaching in a string maintaining that character name, for ex: James Bond, Gabbar Singh etc. Star comic turned hero Saptagiri has decided to make a series of films known as after his real name.

The title of Saptagiri’s debut film as hero was named after him, ‘Saptagiri Express’. This individual has retained his name in the title of his second film as well, ‘Saptagiri LLB’. Can he continue the Saptagiri brand for next videos too? Seems yes.

Throughout the teaser launch event of ‘Saptagiri LLB’, it has been confirmed that his third film has recently been titled ‘Saptagiri Weds Warm Leone’. It is very catchy and what’s most important is the goal of the comedian-turned-hero to retain ‘Saptagiri’ brand. He’s probably the first comic, as an example first Indian professional to make films called after his own name. If Saptagiri LLB becomes a hit, there may no stopping for Saptagiri series.

Coming to ‘Saptagiri Weds Sunny Leone’, it is heard that Saptagiri is intending to rope in Sunny Leone to play the female lead.


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