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Adult comedy Babu Baaga Busy is the flavor of the season. This Hunterr remake has otherwise steady and chaste Avasarala Srinivas crossing the rubicon. He plays a sex maniac who chases chunris. Despite being married he has a dalliance with neighbourhood aunt. Supriya Aisola played the sexy aunt who has kitchen romance with the hero.
If sources are to be believed, censors are objecting to these scenes, which they feel are sleazy and hot. The scene has got leaked on the social media and is already a rage.
Supriya had done small roles in several films. You would find her in Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, where she meets Mahesh Babu in the train. He deliberately forgets his mobile so that they could talk. Mahesh lures her into a conversation, but cuts it short when he sees elder brother Venky approaching.
The girl hopes that Babu Baaga Busy will give her the recognition that she has been hoping for.

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