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Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review

CAST: Raviteja, Rashi Khanna, Seerat Kapoor, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore and others
Director: Vikram Sirikonda
Producer: Nallamalupu Bujji

touch Chesi Chudu is a routine business entertainer blended in a manner to healthy Raviteja’s trademark style. The movie seemed promising from the outset but it turned out to be a tedious fare with over the top action and execution.


Karthikeya (Raviteja) is a businessman who gives utmost importance to his family. He falls in love with Pushpa (Rashi) and she too reciprocates. but, there is a hidden past behind this calm and cool Karthikeya. His originality comes out after he receives to realize that Irffan a infamous crook is alive. what is the story behind Karthikeya and who is Irffan?


Raviteja’s styling and appearance is similar to that of Raja the great. He may have done each the films in parallel. he’s energetic as usual and lifts many scenes along with his inimitable performance. Rashi Khanna is ideal in the preliminary scenes. She is liberal with skin show to add spice to the complaints. Seerat Kapoor couldn’t act however tries her pleasant to cowl up her weakness with oodles of skin display. Murali Sharma is first rate and Vennela Kishore has a few funny moments. Rajesh, Jaya Prakash, Jeeva and Suhasini are commendable in supporting roles.

Technical Aspects:

Director Vikram Sirikonda is not the author for the film. Vakkantam Vamsi’s tale is as old as hills and Deepak Raj’s screenplay is very ordinary. There is not lots that a debutante director can do with such stale script on arms. Vikram could not carry any freshness with the remedy and execution. He made this film like many other so called commercial directors. One could assume something sparkling with a brand new director wielding the megaphone, however Vikram’s course lacks charm and freshness.

music by way of Jam 8 is neither grand nor catchy. Very everyday tunes have been shot without much visual enchantment. Mani Sharma’s background music is right. Cinematography, stunts and modifying are strictly popular. manufacturing values are excellent.

Plus Points:


Comedy scenes in first half

Minus Points:

Tedious second half

Weak script

Boring Execution


touch Chesi Chudu promised to be a power packed entertainer from its promos, however it turned out to be a boring, cliched and superb tedious product that gives little novelty. marvel what element in Vakkantam Vamsi’s story grabbed the eye of Mass Maharaja. In truth he played cop person in many different films inside the beyond, which have been way higher than this.

There are a few twists and turns inside the screenplay penned by Deepak Raj. however they’re absolutely predictable and the new director did a quite terrible activity in executing them. First half of is passable due to traditional Raviteja’s comedy and an pleasing romance track between the lead pair. There are united statesand downs in the first 1/2 too, but it does not bother much as the comedy clicks.

second 1/2 runs on a serious note as Raviteja suddenly transforms into a duty minded police officer. there may be some other heroine, but she is there for the namesake. there’s infrequently any chemistry between Raviteja and Seerat. Even the villain characters are supremely clich�©d and top notch boring. Raviteja does his exceptional to boost the recurring scenes along with his faultless performance, however there may be not anything that is thrilling about the tale to hold the target audience interested.

there’s a bad try of ending the film on a comedic note via reintroducing Raviteja as a a laugh loving cop. it might have clicked with right screenplay and tasty scenes. however contact Chesi Chudu looks as if they have taken an escapist course to cease the movie in an entertaining style. There are some motion blocks that made some impact, however they’re very few and a long way among. Even and ever lively Raviteja couldn’t store this one.



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