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Ever since president Donald Trump took over the reigns of USA,  racial attacks have been on the rise on Asians..and Indians in particular. Surprisingly this is showing impact not only on the Indians but Americans also.  It is known that huge number of foreign students enroll in US colleges for higher education.  According the latest survey by the America Association of Collegiate Registrars, 40% of the US colleges have seen a dip in the enrollments of foreign

According to an estimate,  foreign students bring 32 billion USD revenue every year to USA.  On the other hand, it is an open fact that most of the US colleges rely on foreign intake and they are anxious this year.  Portland State University, Oregon University, Ohio State University have already witnessed a huge drop in the number of foreign applicants for the enrollments.

Post-travel ban on selected Muslim countries,  Muslim students around the world are opting other countries for higher studies.  Indian students are also exploring other options rather than enrolling in US Universities.


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