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Who forged Governor ESL Narasimhan’s Sign?

A Senior Citizen cast the signature of Governor ESL Narasimhan on poll papers to get elected as a Legislator. Even his pal changed into concerned in the crook offense.

Maramraju Raghava Rao (sixty two) and his pal Raghu Vamshi forged the signature of Governor ESL Narasimhan for getting himself elected as MLA in the Governor’s quota and his buddy as Rajya Sabha Member in President’s quota. After forging the files, They sent it to Governor’s office. The papers appeared as if Governor ESL Narasimhan has issued them however they had been simply fake. Even an RTI question on it sent an illustration that these files had been signed by Governor himself.

Governor ESL Narasimhan direct the CID to probe the difficulty. Upon receiving orders from Raj Bhavan, CID Police arrested Raghava Rao and release a search operation for Raghu Vamshi who has been absconding. Police officers say, Raghava Rao had role in few dishonest cases in the past


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