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Why Nandi Award for Legend Movie

Nandi Award for ‘Legend’ for the yr 2014 brought about a extreme debate. Can a Jury Member (Balakrishna) receive a Nandi Award is the question raised by many people?

here is how Nandamuri fans reacted to the complaint: ”Mangamma Gari Manavadu’ launched in 1984 however did not receive any Nandi Award though NTR was CM then. Six films of Balayya released in 1986. still, He didn’t bag any Nandi Award. Even ‘Aditya 369’ in 1991 and ‘Bhairavadweepam’ in 1994 hasn’t obtained Awards. although ‘Samarasimha Reddy’ became a massive hit in 2000, Ballayya didn’t obtain Nandi though Chandrababu was serving as CM then’.

This brought about funny jokes on Nandi Award for Legend. ‘NTR did not offer any favour to his Son because he is a first-rate guy. while, Balayya talented himself a Nandi at the same time as serving as Jury Member. In 1991, ‘Yagnam’ bagged quality film award and Dasari acquired satisfactory Actor award for ‘Mamagaru’. Can anyone locate fault with it? In 1994, ‘Mayuri’ directed through Singeetham created a report by using bagging 14 Nandi Awards. Krishnam Raju bagged pleasant Actor awards. Can Balayya say Krishnam Raju can’t take delivery of the award?,’ wondered Netizens.



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