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Pawan Kalyan might attend audio launch of Khaidi No 150

Pawan Kalyan’s air of secrecy has beaten all the Mega heroes consisting of that of Chiranjeevi. Every characteristic, may also it belong to Mega own family or any other celebration someplace Mega related, energy star enthusiasts are going berserk shouting loud slogans in Pawan Kalyan’s guide. Nicely, a few remember this as insane act however for individuals who respect Pawan, those acts have a logical interpretation.

After ‘Dhruva’ pre release event, the subsequent characteristic to become Pawan Kalyan fans target could be Chiranjeevi’s 150th flick ‘Khaidi No a hundred and fifty’ audio release. Inner assets say Chiranjeevi will individually invite Pawan for the occasion however there’s no guarantee on his attendance.

In case Pawan misses the occasion, it’d turn strenuous for Ramcharan and Chiranjeevi to control whizz of Pawan fans. On the opposite facet, Pawan is accustomed to all type of grievance for escaping those family get collectively features. So, it won’t document any grave damage to his non-public or professional image.

Nevertheless, subsequent loss might be on ‘Khaidi No 150.’ Message such audio feature would sends into audience, if fanatics yell Pawan Kalyan’s name louder and longer than Chiranjeevi, no matter the feature belongs to Chiranjeevi film, would belittle the craze of Mega megastar in the front of Pawan Kalyan.

Therefore, Mega family might increase the strain on strength celebrity in coming days to precipitate his heart and force his presence at big event.


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