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YS Jagan Uses ‘Family Angle’ to Corner Naidu

President YS Jagan YSRCP spoke again Nara Chandrababu Naidu CM with harsh criticism. However, this time, Jagan took the angle of the corner Chandrababu family instead of your routine, insipid political diatribes.

NRI interact with callers on Sakshi TV, Jagan said he is very happy and content with his personal life and lives happily with his wife and children. The opposition leader said he has no bad habits and knows no Chandrababu bad habits.

“I raise my children with moral values, but is teaching lies to Babu lokesh not infuse all the true characteristics of his son,” said Jagan in a pleasant view sarcastically. Jagan went on to state that never sell its “other.”

Jagan has promised to fight for special status at the end and not give in their struggle for their personal benefits. He expressed confidence that the PA will surely have a special status if all join forces and fight to the end.


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